School review & community guidelines

Writing a review is a channel for parents, teachers and students for first hand sharing of their experiences at schools. Posting your feedback on our website will enable parents and communities to make the most appropriate selection based on the content.

A community’s success thrives on its ‘equal respect for all values ‘. Therefore, we advise you to write helpful reviews addressing the most important attributes of school qualities such as learning environment, leadership and staff cooperation, bullying policies, emotional and social development, school facilities, security, transportation, teaching methodologies, the use of technology and others. Our website is not a place for personal attacks, so please abstain from it and post professionally substantial and meaningful reviews.

Please be reminded that our moderators will scan all reviews before they appear for the public. To ensure compliance with our community guidelines and policies, we encourage you to read all information before writing your own review.

Review moderation policies

Eduvisor reserves the right to publish the posts that adhere to our guidelines. We allow one review per user, per school, and for each review topic. Please read the following advice carefully before writing your school review or commenting on our articles.

Community guideline

When you post on, you agree to abide by the community guidelines described below.

  • Respectfulness

    We aim at building a healthy community where we share respect equally for all feedback. Therefore, we insist on using expressions with courtesy to avoid insulting language.

  • Eduvisor is not a tool for the following purposes:
    • Using assaulting language

      we do not allow the use of sexist, racist, violent, ageist, obscene, sexually explicit, threatening or otherwise offensive language. We reserve the right to delete posts that disgrace or insult anyone and that are aggressive or hateful. Any postings that can be interpreted as stalking will be removed and made available to the proper law enforcement officials.

    • Using proper names of staff or teachers

      aside from a school principal or leader’s name; we do not allow the use of staff members' names on our reviews. Eduvisor will remove all reviews that are used for degrading a school by staff, teachers or community members.

    • Threats against a school

      we do not allow using our website to threaten staff members of school or a student boy or to address allegations or criminal or illegal activities. Any concerns of this matter shall be reported to the proper authorities.

    • Sharing your or anyone else's personal data

      personal data like your phone numbers, addresses, identification numbers or any of your private information is not to be posted on Eduvisor.

    • Posting sexually explicit images.
    • Posting reviews from students under 18 years of age-

      the privacy of young students is very important to us, so if we identify a student review of 18 years age or under, Eduvisor will delete their account information and all related reviews on our website.

    • Using our services to harm children or minors in any way or encouraging inappropriate interactions with children or minors of any kind.

    • Posting reviews from students under 18 years of age-

      the privacy of young students is very important to us, so if we identify a student review of 18 years age or under, Eduvisor will delete their account information and all related reviews on our website.

    • Collecting email addresses for any commercial use.
    • Collecting personal information about any member of the Eduvisor community, repeatedly contacting or harassing any member.
    • Posts can be biased or opinionated

      Eduvisor cannot screen all the content posted by our users. Therefore, If you see posts of sales, products or services or any other personal recommendations, this does not mean it’s been endorsed by Eduvisor or any of its moderators, sponsors, advertising team or partners. We recommend that you research our community posts, evaluate the recommendations posted on our website and use your own judgment before investing your time to make a purchase.

    • Posting commercial advertisements which includes but not limited to

      working from home or for any other business, selling products or services online, posts for charitable causes, research or studies or other websites.

    • Spamming or unrelated content

      avoid posting junk content or pyramid schemes.

    • Using all caps in your posts

      posts written in all caps might be misperceived as offensive and rude and are hard to read.

    • Impersonating others or organizations

      you are not permitted to impersonate or misrepresent your connection with any other individual or organizations. Please be aware that this could result in legal consequences.

    • Reposting deleted content

      do not repost any content that has been already deleted from Eduvisor community. Our moderators will remove such posts, and they may remove posting privileges for all members entitled to that.

    • Posting links to sites that violate our guidelines.
    • By posting on Eduvisor, you grant us the permission to use your content

      by posting your comments on Eduvisor, you give us a worldwide right and non-exclusive license to use, modify, copy, translate, publish it to Eduvisor, in any manner or medium, including anything work related such as: full or partial extraction, reformatting, distributing and displaying publicly.


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