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Bright Futures with Emotional Intelligence

‘A wonderful life journey for our children’ has been our parents and grandparents' eternal dream for decades. We wake up today planning for a brighter tomorrow, looking at securing the best academic education

Find your College & Career Path

Getting ready to be independent and start a new educational journey? You might be one of the students who have not yet thought of their dream jobs and consequently have not started planning for the right college or career path.

Improve your Cognitive Thinking

Let's imagine a day of your life if you were a high school student, you wake up with your routine planned checklist; getting dressed, going to school, preparing for your assessments, your scheduled homework

What is Bullying

Despite the common notion that bullying might be observed normally as a part of ‘common misbehaviour issues’ or ‘kids are growing up’ phenomenon, it has become one of the social ills

Behavioural Patterns at Home

It is disappointing for parents to learn that their child had been involved in aggressive acts or bullied in different scenarios. They might start thinking about their discipline strategies and if they have led them unwittingly

Who we are?

Eduvisor is the first leading online platform in Jordan which guides parents to build secured futures for their children.

We empower parents with reliable information and reviews to help them find the right school according to their requirements while saving them the hassle of looking for the best schools. Our advanced search engine tool is powered by filters to facilitate finding schools according to different criteria like school name, city, area, year group, gender, school program, school facilities, activities and fees.

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